What does copywriting mean, should you become a copywriter?

Copywriting means writing ads and publicity material. That’s it.

Oxford Languages defines copywriting, “the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

But it’s more than an activity or an occupation.

It’s the art and science of selling your product or service through words.

Words that you see (and listen to) everywhere, on billboards, brochures, TV, radio, and the internet.

So what copywriting is all about?

Well, copywriting is all about writing copy that convinces your potential customers to take action, buy your product or service.

This could be a sales letter, a Facebook ad, an email, a brochure, a landing page, a radio ad, a TV commercial, you got it.

Copy is any marketing-related written text and the one who writes copy is called a copywriter.

A copywriter writes to inform, to educate, to entertain, and to engage. But through all this, he wants just one and one thing only, SALES.

A good copywriter doesn’t write what he loves, but what his audiences could comprehend understand.

  • He does his research.
  • He understands his product or service.
  • He understands his audiences.
  • He plans his copy.
  • He writes catchy headlines.
  • He shows the benefits.
  • He shows more benefits.
  • He makes a real offer, an irresistible one.
  • He plays, sometimes, with FOMO, fear of missing out.
  • He applies scarcity.
  • He does everything he could and produces a copy that sells.

Should you become a copywriter?


If you like writing, have an interest in the psychology of persuasion and sales, and don’t mind earning good money.

You should give copywriting a try!

And what could be a better start than our copywriting masterclass?

That Covers:

  • What is copywriting
  • How to plan your copy
  • How to write headlines
  • How to write sub-headlines
  • How to write body copy
  • How to write a call to action, CTA
  • How to revise, edit and proofread your copy
  • How to apply AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) and other formulas


  • Ads copy
  • Sales pages
  • Self-promotion copy


Research, Prewriting, Writing, Rewriting, Editing, Deep Editing, Rephrasing, Paraphrasing, Proofreading, Fact-checking, Publishing, Submitting


  • How to write your (or your clients’) website?
  • How to market your copywriting business?
  • How to find copywriting work?
  • How to make yourself valuable?

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Whether you write to inform, to entertain, or to persuade. Or altogether to become a professional copywriter. This masterclass has everything you need to write like a pro.

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