How to create LinkedIn content? Create 30+ days of content in 1 day!

How to create LinkedIn content you can use for days or months? You should not prioritize quantity over quality, but you should not spend hours on a single post either. Here are 3 ways you can create over a month of LinkedIn content in 1 day.

1. Create in bulk:

Follow 3 simple steps:

a. Make a list of questions:

Choose 3 topics. Find out what people are interested in. Lookup Google Trends, Answer the Public, Reddit, Quora, etc., and come up with a list of 10 questions on each topic.

b. Write your answers:

Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories. Don’t worry about giving a perfect answer, just express what you feel. Give each answer 3-5 minutes.

c. Edit, improve, publish and, engage:

Edit for comprehension and readability, improve tone and style and publish when most of your 1st-degree connections are online. Publish and engage.

2. Use templates:

Templates can cut down on your time spent creating content. The other day, I used this template to tell my LinkedIn story and talk about mistakes new people make:

  1. Share the before-statement.
  2. Share the after-statement.
  3. Share your thesis/results/observation:
  4. Conclude
Read this:

2 years ago I had a dead LinkedIn.

Now it’s about 70% of my business.

Here’s what 90% of people do wrong when building a LinkedIn presence:

1. They go wide and not deep They talk about too many things. They target too many people. They offer too many services. They go wide, they don’t go deep.

2. They don’t invest in their content They don’t have a content strategy. They don’t know how their content will help them achieve their business goals. They create just for the sake of it.

3. They attract the wrong people Random content attracts random people. Since their content isn’t strategic, they usually get people who don’t want their stuff.

4. They ask too soon or ask for too much They don’t give enough time, resources, and knowledge for free. They ask too soon or ask for too much before even building trust.

The 4 mistakes you can make when trying to build your LinkedIn presence:

  1. You go wide and not deep
  2. You don’t invest in your content
  3. You attract the wrong people
  4. You ask too soon or ask for too much

3. Use lists:

Put together a list of topics and write about one topic a day or about a couple of topics when you have time. If you have a list, you won’t have to think about what to talk about. Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. How did relying on yourself help you?
  2. How did you train your mind for what you do?
  3. What kept you going when it seemed impossible?
  4. What’s one time you thought you’d give up but didn’t?
  5. What was the biggest decision that changed your life?
  6. Do you like books/courses? What do you recommend?
  7. What skills have helped you in life/business?
  8. Are you consistent? What helped you?
  9. Are you focused? What helped you?

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