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What They Say

If you want to grow your brand and hone the skill of attracting more ENGAGED followers here on LinkedIn, grab a copy of Imran’s “100 Simple Steps to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn.”

Just as the book promises, you’ll learn easy-to-implement steps that will start you on the road to building your brand and gaining those highly engaged followers that may turn into lifetime clients.

I’d also highly recommend that you follow Imran’s content – it’s top notch and will demonstrate the concepts he teaches in the book.

If you’re frustrated with your LinkedIn results even though you’re consistently creating content – then I highly recommend engaging Imran’s services.

Imran has been invaluable to me and my business!

He has the ability to interpret trends and my account statistics (not my super power to say the least!) He shares the strategy on how to tweak my positing, so that I can focus on creating content and serving my community for maximum impact.

I highly recommend Imran for design and brand strategy.

I initially contacted him after being impressed with his content on LinkedIn.

He has since designed a logo for Cat Johnson Co that I am absolutely in love with, helped me rebrand across my website, newsletter, numerous social media channels, an online shop, workshops and more. Imran is a skilled and gifted designer.

He’s also professional, friendly, responsive and a joy to work with.

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I’ve put together a few LinkedIn posts to give you an idea of the type of content you’ll get when you subscribe to my free newsletter, read my book, or hire me.

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Are you creating just for the sake of it?

Some people create content for business purposes, others just for the sake of it? Learn why you should create strategic content.